Your Multi-function eWIC Register

About The MobiWIC Register

SoliSYSTEMS designed the MobiWIC Register  to be the simplest and most economical way to accept and manage eWIC transactions.

MobiWIC packs the functionality of a multi-function eWIC compliant register in a durable smart terminal

At SoliSYSTEMS, we focus on your business: MobiWIC generates and submits your daily claim files, ensuring fast and accurate payment.

The MobiWIC Register is integrated into a web application  allowing you to monitor the status of reimbursement payments and generate custom sales reports.


MobiWIC Register is a multi-function eWIC-compliant register housed inside a durable and compact smart terminal.


The MobiWIC Register syncs by WiFi to submit daily claim files and download updates from the WIC Authority.  

Web App

Generate custom sales reports, manage cashiers, check claim payment status, add and price new products.

Register Features


MobiWIC is a eWIC-compliant register in one durable compact wireless device.

Multi-function Register

Full-Function UPC Reader thermal printer, eWIC card reader, and virtual pin pad.

WiFi Sync

Synchronize devices over WiFi to prepare and submit your daily claim files.​

MobiWIC Web App

Powerful Web App monitors claim file status and generates custom sales reports.

MobiWIC Overview

Touch Screen

Reliable capacitive HD touch-screen that works with wet fingers.

Receipt printer

Economical and reliable receipt printer for checking benefits and documenting transactions.

UPC Scanner

Quickly scan UPC codes for fast transaction times and optimal customer experience.


Designed specificaly to securely read and accept eWIC cards.

The MobiWIC Web App

MobiWIC comes with a powerful web application that simplifies and accelerates the management of your WIC sales and terminal functions.

Accessing your information, either remotely, or within the store, makes it easy to stay on top of what is going on at your site.

Key Features:


Monitor sales volume, number of transactions, claim files submitted, & status of payments.

Sales Reports

Generate custom sales reports that help you manage inventory and logistical challenges.

Inventory Management

Add and set prices for your WIC products! Import or export product lists to .xls or .cvs files.

Remote Access

Manage and track WIC sales from home, office, or any place with an internet connection.

Wireless Sync

Sync your MobiWIC Register to the State WIC Authority via WiFi

Claim Files

Track and monitor claim files and payment status. Export detailed reports.

Technology Overview

  • No transaction fees.
  • Manage one or several MobiWIC devices via the MobiWIC Web Application.
  • Receive email alerts from syncronization and reconciliation processes.
  • Integrate multiple WIC Authority programs and synchronize data with multiple branches.
  • Aggregate X9.993 files from multiple registers using V2 and V4 five formats.

Technical Specifications


Integrated infra-red barcode scanner.


Thermal Receipt Printer. 203dpi / 8dot / mm Printing speed: 50-70mm/s. Supports barcode printing.

Printer Paper

Standard, non proprietary, 2" core-less, 30mm diameter, thermal paper roll.


Safedroid OS (based on Android 5.1).


Quad-Core 1.2 GHz


Integrated infra-red barcode 5.0 inch,TFT-LCD (720x1280) color screen.


Ultra sensitive capacitive touch screen, works with wet fingers.


1 GB


8 GB


Length: 7.24"
Width: 3.18"
Depth: 1.25" - 2"


17.28 oz (with battery)

Main Battery

Rechargeable 3.8V, 5000 mAh lithium polymer battery pack (typical operation time less that 8 hrs).

RTC Battery

Real-time clock battery.


WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, 4G, 3G, 2G.


Bluetooth 4.0


Included: power adapter, data cable, battery, charging cradle, hand strap, and fifty rolls of printer paper.


Temperature: 14 - 22 degrees Farenheit
Humidity: 5% - 95% (non condensing)

Drop Test

4 ft.

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